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WIM is a Wealth Impact Manager that is your starting point for all your money matters.

WIM is a manager who financially guides you as a professional footballer and takes all additional money business out of your hands. WIM focuses on your finances, so that you can focus your attention on your football career.

You are well aware of examples of a successful soccer player who, with his ball control, quickly obtains a lot of wealth but cannot seem to control his money matters. Additional tax assessments, incorrect investments or a lack of financial overview are all matters that can endanger the capital - and a healthy financial future.

WIM ensures that you do not have to worry about this. Together with you, WIM sets financial goals and supports you so that you can also actually reach them. Thus, with WIM, you also have a beautiful future after your football career.

What can WIM do for you?

Financial multiannual plan

WIM, together with you and your agent, makes an inventory of your income and wealth situation and tests whether everything, such as wedding conditions and your testament, is still up to date. Based on this, a financial multiannual plan is made. This plan also analyses the risks that could adversely affect the feasibility of the plan and discuss the possible precautions for this.

Always on track

Every month WIM checks whether the situation is developing in accordance with the multiannual plan. In case of large deviations, he will advise you on how to adjust. Because of this, you always stay on track with WIM.

Always in possession of the ball

WIM is always in possession of the ball for you. In addition, it does not only ensure that the tax return is submitted on time, but also that your ID is valid for international travel.


WIM has an international network of the best specialists in insurance, legal and tax matters. With this he manages everything that matters to you and keeps the overview for you. However, you always have only one contact point: WIM.

Your agent

WIM is your manager and the assistant of your agent, with whom he works closely at all times. This ensures that your career is supported optimally and broadly and meets the best possible financial future.

A one-two with all your investment questions

WIM answers all your investment related questions, such as which investments suit you and what risk that you are willing to accept. WIM is always there for a one-two.

Moving internationally

WIM guides your possible international move - and the legal and tax consequences for your marital conditions and testaments.

Quality and pricing

WIM continuously monitors the quality and pricing of your asset management and will update it in consultation with you in the meantime.

Tax return

WIM guarantees that your tax return is always submitted on time.

WIM is always looking for talent

WIM will get the most out of your money, so you can get the most out of your football career.

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